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Laser hair removal explained

Laser hair removal is a more effective way to remove unwanted hair. Never shave or wax again sounds like a dream. Not anymore. Enhance your lifestyle by saving time money and aggravation with silky smooth hair free skin all the time

Removing hair using laser light technology. This is a laser heating up your hair follicle - the root of your hair. Damaging your hair, weaken its hair growth not allowing it to grow back the same ever again. Now once it is damaged and you step in for your second treatment your results will seem increasingly more effective and that is because we are already treating a damaged/weak hair. Your results multiply as you continue till we execute the entire process. One treatment every 6 weeks. The national average is 8-12 treatments total.

Damaging whoah that sounds intense! Does it hurt? Laser can be extremely painful and most are but it no longer has to be this way. Thank you Alma for inventing patented ice plus contact cooling system. It is virtually painless literally making this treatment a breeze. So you’re telling me I can remove my hair simply just like that? This is no easy task but yes we can better your life and help you achieve your hair free goal. We guarantee it

Most ppl may associate pain with results and this is true. If I’m damaging my hair cells it should be painful… if we didn’t use our cooling system you would be in excruciating pain. The cooling system only offsets the heat but do not think for a second that it is not there

Is it safe? FDA approved so yes but ppl have been burnt and that is scary. No one wants that so we place extreme focus on safety and preventative measures and once again than you Alma for creating SHR technology making a burn so rare nearly impossible. Hair removal reinvented

If you have done some research you do know skin type matters well we can treat them all because we have all 3 laser wavelengths & two devices solely for hair removal purposes. YAG. Diode & Alex.

The goal of our guarantee is to minimize your work, efforts, hesitancies and research. We have done it all and is why we can offer such a rare offering.